Dining at Chez Delmo in Old Montreal

Dining at Chez Delmo in Old Montreal

Basic information on Chez Delmo.

Chez Delmo has been a part of Old Montreal tradition for over 90 years. Locals enjoy good food and company in this restaurant that has two marble-and-wood counters stretching the length of the front room. Here, distinguished people eat and sit side by side with common folk.

The host of Chez Delmo is the bubbly Roland Perisset. He is usually dressed in a crisp white jacket, and he checks on the customers every lunch hour, making sure that they are happy and in good company. The restaurant is packed at lunch time though so if you wish to get your food served on time, be there before noon or at past 1:30 PM.

To enjoy a quieter lunch or supper, stay in the back dining room of the restaurant. It’s a homely and more relaxed spot with landscape paintings.

Chez Delmo serves French cuisine and seafood dishes. Menus include fresh halibut, sole, lobster, oysters, mussels, and shrimp. Lunch and dinner are served Monday to Saturday. Reservations are recommended for dinner.

Chez Delmo is located at 211-215 Rue Notre-Dame W (between Rues St-Francois-Xavier and St-Jean). 

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